Dr. Laura

Interaction and Multimedia

BFA Design Track

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Tuesday 10:30 pm to 2:00 pm

NO Office Hours Tuesday before Thanksgiving (11-20-18) Please email me with advising questions and you student number and I can respond remotely.

Location: CA 225

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Interaction and Multimedia Road Map

  • Fall (1st year in BFA)
  • GD 150: Advanced Web Design -Rusty
  • GD 157: Motiongraphics -Dr. Laura

  • Spring (1st year in BFA)
  • GD 153: Data and Design -Rusty
  • GD 155: Designing for Interactions -Dr. Laura

  • Fall (2nd year in BFA)
  • GD 158: Design Practicum -Rusty
  • GD 159: Immersive Design -Dr. Laura

  • Spring (2nd year in BFA)
  • GD 179: Professional Practices
  • GD 180: Portfolio BFA Show